Innovation Performance Review of Ukraine

image of Innovation Performance Review of Ukraine
The Innovation Performance Review of Ukraine contains the outcomes of a policy advisory exercise that drew on the experience accumulated by the UNECE in the identification of good practices and policy lessons in the area of knowledge-based development, with particular reference to the problems of countries with economies in transition. It provides a set of recommendations and policy options to stimulate innovation activity in the country, enhance its innovation capacity and improve the overall efficiency of the national innovation system.



Prospective innovation-driven investment projects and information sources

Private sector participation is important to innovation performance. Within the European Union, for example, the latest Innovation Union Scoreboard (2011) notes that top performing member states tend to have national research and innovation systems including a key role for business activity and public-private collaboration. It is therefore important that private actors are informed about priority areas for innovation policy, and also that policies are responsive to their needs. It is further noted that innovation leaders in the EU tend to perform well in terms of public-private co-publications per million population (i.e. strong linkages between the science base and enterprises), and in terms of commercialization of their technological knowledge.


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