Innovation Performance Review of Tajikistan

image of Innovation Performance Review of Tajikistan
The Innovation Performance Review of Tajikistan contains the outcomes of a policy advisory exercise that drew on the experience accumulated by the UNECE in the identification of good practices and policy lessons in the area of knowledge-based development, with particular reference to the problems of countries with economies in transition. It provides a set of recommendations and policy options to stimulate innovation activity in the country, enhance its innovation capacity and improve the overall efficiency of the national innovation system.



Promoting entrepreneurship and the financing of innovative businesses

This chapter first presents an overview of Tajikistan’s progress on the three key enabling factors of innovative entrepreneurship - quality of business environment, institutional quality, and financing of innovative businesses. The second part analyses and evaluates reform efforts for innovative entrepreneurship within the country’s regulatory framework and with regard to implementation capacity constraints. The third section is devoted to the structure and development of the financial sector and related policies with special regard to factors affecting access to finance for innovative businesses. The fourth and final part includes recommendations in the above outlined agendas, reflecting both current achievements (in Tajikistan and comparator countries) and implementation capacity constraints.


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