Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2014

image of Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2014
The Survey 2014 will examine the region’s challenges to support its economic growth and to promote inclusive and sustainable development. Part I of the report will focus on the region’s outlook as it contends with the ongoing global recovery and assesses the region’s policy response to remaining and emerging vulnerabilities. A special theme is domestic resource mobilization in Asia-Pacific, which will explore the challenges on strengthening tax revenues. Part II of the report discusses strategic approaches to strengthen regional connectivity to achieve shared prosperity.




The countries in Asia and the Pacific are driving the global economy and have become major forces in manufacturing, trade and services. Most of the dynamism has come from individual countries, but the future will be determined by how closely economies can work in combination – taking advantage of extended and more tightly integrated networks. At the same time, as various networks become more and more integrated, it will become increasingly important to have strong institutional coordination and cooperation at different levels. Intergovernmental organisations such as ESCAP can play a role in bringing together Governments and other stakeholders to discuss and implement actions to strengthen connectivity in the region.


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