Assessment of Development Results - Guyana

image of Assessment of Development Results - Guyana

The evaluation recommended that it is important for UNDP Guyana to continue to reorient its programming towards higher-level policy analysis in order to support the country’s transition to a middle-income status. Also, UNDP needs to focus on its comparative advantage, and help Guyana explore alternative sources of support through South-South, regional and public-private partnerships.



Strategic positioning of UNDP

Relevance against national development priorities: UNDP programme in Guyana since 2000 has been closely linked to the country’s main development priorities as identified in the NDS, the NCS, PRSP-I and, more recently, the LCDS. It has also been linked to evolving trends in ODA and the ongoing UNDAF process since 2000, as outlined in the previous sections. The country programme was also well-aligned with the corporate priorities outlined in the second UNDP Multi-Year Funding Framework for 2004-2007 and UNDP Strategic Plan for 2008-2011.


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