UNODA Occasional Papers No.15: Developing a Biological Incident Database, March 2009

image of UNODA Occasional Papers No.15: Developing a Biological Incident Database, March 2009
United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs' (UNODA) Occasional Papers is a series of ad hoc publications presenting, in edited form, papers or statement made at international meetings, symposiums, seminars or workshops organized by the Office for Disarmament Affairs. They deal with topical issues in the field of arms limitation, disarmament and international security and are intended primarily for those concerned with these matters in Government, civil society and in academic community. This document explains the Biological Incident Database based on proposals by experts from interested Member States and on public information available in case studies. Its purpose is to strengthen the capabilities of States to prevent and combat terrorism.



Development of a biological incident database in the context of the UN global counter-terrorism strategy

As part of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, UNODA is developing an online Biological Incident Database (BID). To assist Member States in preventing and combating terrorism, BID categorizes the causes of disease outbreaks as natural, accidental or deliberate. It provides a platform for information sharing, fostering a better understanding of the range of biological incidents as well as past responses and lessons learned. BID should serve as an invaluable preparation tool should a similar incident occur in the future. UNODA hopes that Member States will use the available pilot system of BID and provide feedback.


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