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Resources for Development

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West African Perspectives: Resources for Development conducts a cross-cutting analysis of the main development challenges in the region and offers suggestions on how to meet them. It provides an overview of West Africa’s abundant resources , examining not only economic and natural resources but also human, social and cultural capital. Finally, it presents the perspectives of six prominent West Africans involved in the development of their region.

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Sahel and West Africa Club

The six people interviewed for this report have expressed diverse opinions on the different challenges facing the region. This diversity is stimulating. It is firstly the reflection of each person’s opinion resulting from their personal background and their present and past positions.Yet most of them have expressed two convictions that are confirmed by the analysis developed in the report.The first is that public action should take into account the diversity of actors and work at various levels. The second is that the region provides a suitable framework for action in order to address certain challenges together.


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