OECD Journal on Development

  • Discontinued

The journal of the OECD Development Assistance Committee that includes reports on the DAC’s reviews of member country’s development co-operation policies, as well as analytical reports on various development issues.  The first issue of the year always presents the DAC Chairman’s annual Development Co-operation Report.

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Trading Out of Poverty

How Aid for Trade Can Help

Aid for trade is a tool designed to interlock aid and trade policies in pursuit of raised living standards and reduced poverty. This paper demonstrates why trade matters for boosting productivity and economic growth and explains why some countries are unable to reap the gains from trade. It does on to analyse how aid for trade can help strengthen the impact of trade on growth and poverty reduction, and which policy tools can best reinforce the impact of trade on poverty reduction. It underlines the need for a tailored, country-based approach to economic integration, and summarises the main policy conclusions and the potential gains-from-trade that are at stake.

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