The Visible Hand of China in Latin America

image of The Visible Hand of China in Latin America

Latin America is looking towards China and Asia -- and China and Asia are looking right back. This is a major shift: for the first time in its history, Latin America can benefit from not one but three major engines of world growth. Until the 1980s, the United States was the region’s major trade partner. In the 1990s, a second growth engine emerged with the European investment boom in Latin America. Now, at the dawn of the new century, the increasing global economic importance of Asia, and in particular China, potentially provides a third engine of growth.

This book describes the opportunities and challenges that Latin American economies will face as Chinese importance in the world economy -- and in Latin America's traditional markets -- continues to grow.

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China and Latin America: Trade Competition, 1990-2002

OECD Development Centre

This chapter explores the competitive threat posed by People’s Republic of China (PRC) to the Latin America and Caribbean region (LAC). It focuses on the impact of the PRC’s rise as a major exporter of manufactures, and examines these issues with trade data for 1990-2002 (at the time of writing 2003 data were not available for all relevant countries), analysing and comparing export performance and specialisation patterns in the world as a whole and in the United States, the main market for both the PRC and LAC.

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