OECD Regional Development Working Papers

Working papers from the Regional Development Policy Division of the OECD cover a full range of topics including regional statistics and analysis, urban governance and economics, rural governance and economics, and multi-level governance. Depending on the programme of work, the papers can cover specific topics such as regional innovation and networks, the determinants of regional growth or fiscal consolidation at the sub-national level.


The Rise of Megaregions

Delineating a new scale of economic geography

The concept of megaregions is increasingly put forward among academics and policy makers as a new scale of economic co-ordination and social organisation. A megaregion is most commonly understood as an economic unit that comprises an agglomeration of cities and its less dense hinterlands, which are linked through infrastructure, economic connections, settlement patterns and land use, topography, an environmental system or a shared culture and history that together shape a common interest for the wider region. While there is an extensive literature on the potential benefits of a megaregion, work has been more limited in terms of identifying megaregions in an international context. This paper introduces an approach to delineate potential megaregions in the OECD.


Keywords: Megaregions, new economic geography, mean-shift algorithm, urban geography
JEL: O18: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth / Economic Development / Economic Development: Urban, Rural, Regional, and Transportation Analysis; Housing; Infrastructure; R12: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics / General Regional Economics / Size and Spatial Distributions of Regional Economic Activity; R10: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics / General Regional Economics / General Regional Economics (includes Regional Data)
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