6 Survey on Harmonisation and Alignment of Donor Practices

Measuring Aid Harmonisation and Alignment in 14 Partner Countries: OECD DAC Journal - Volume 6 Supplement 1

This report describes the progress achieved to date in implementing the donor community’s commitments to improve foreign aid effectiveness. It has been prepared as a contribution to the Paris High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (28 February - 2 March 2005).

To measure aid effectiveness, 14 countries participated in a ground-breaking survey in 2004 that measured aid harmonisation and alignment. Herein lie the results. Generally encouraging, the results show that developing countries and donors are indeed working together to improve co-ordination and aid effectiveness. Increased efforts are needed, however. This volume provides a snapshot of the state of affairs in 14 developing countries and highlights a number of suggestions for carrying the Rome Agenda forward.