OECD Journal on Development

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The journal of the OECD Development Assistance Committee that includes reports on the DAC’s reviews of member country’s development co-operation policies, as well as analytical reports on various development issues.  The first issue of the year always presents the DAC Chairman’s annual Development Co-operation Report.

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Strengthening Procurement Capacities in Developing Countries

Summary Report of the OECD/DAC – World Bank Round Table, Paris, 22-23 January, 2003

The Round Table on Strengthening Procurement Capacities in Developing Countries is a joint DAC / World Bank initiative. The overall objectives of the Round Table process are to identify and address key procurement capacity building needs and to build procurement systems in developing countries around which donors can harmonise their procedures (building on the DAC Recommendation to untie ODA to the Least Developed Countries and linking up to the work of the DAC’s Task Force on Donor Practices). This first meeting (three meetings are planned over 2003-2004) had the objectives of arriving at a shared agenda between participants and setting out a business plan to work out a limited number of concrete and demand-driven products over the biennium...

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