Strengthening Accountability in Aid for Trade

image of Strengthening Accountability in Aid for Trade
At a time when aid budgets are under pressure and scrutiny, there is a need to improve accountability. This is especially true in the case of aid for trade, which has become an increasingly important priority in development co-operation.   Strengthening Accountability in Aid for Trade looks at what the trade and development community needs to know about aid-for-trade results, what past evaluations of programmes and projects reveal about trade outcomes and impacts, and how the trade and development community could improve the performance of aid for trade interventions.



How to evaluate aid for trade

Approaches, methods and processes

This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of how to evaluate aid-for-trade programmes and projects. It describes a number of conceptual difficulties in measuring the outcomes and impacts of aid for trade and presents a range of existing techniques and guidelines that can be used in evaluating aid for trade. The chapter underscores that careful planning of evaluations is crucial through, inter alia, carrying out ex ante reviews to determine what a programme or project is intended to achieve and ex post assessments to determine what works and what does not.


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