Start-up Latin America 2016

Building an Innovative Future

image of Start-up Latin America 2016

Start-ups are gaining momentum in Latin America. Start-up Latin America 2016: Building an innovative future reviews the dynamics of start-ups and the policies for start-up promotion in four countries in the region –  Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The report reviews the policy mix for start-up promotion and highlights the progress made by each country and future challenges. It identifies good practices in promoting start-ups and lessons learned in Latin America in the design and implementation of policies.

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Promoting start-ups in Latin America: Progress made and open challenges

OECD Development Centre

This chapter presents an overview of policies to support start-ups in Latin America, based on the experiences of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. It is an update of the first report on start-up policies in the region (OECD, 2013). The chapter identifies lessons, results and challenges for the future. Since 2012, the concept of start-ups has attracted growing attention from many stakeholders in Latin America, from media and innovation experts to investors and policy makers. During that time, several countries have adopted policies to support start-ups. Unlike more traditional methods to support innovation and competitiveness, these policies have evolved rapidly. In just a few years, they have improved their design, focus and structure. Results are beginning to emerge, especially regarding people’s perceptions of the region and its image as a place for innovative entrepreneurship.

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