Start-up Latin America 2016

Building an Innovative Future

image of Start-up Latin America 2016

Start-ups are gaining momentum in Latin America. Start-up Latin America 2016: Building an innovative future reviews the dynamics of start-ups and the policies for start-up promotion in four countries in the region –  Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The report reviews the policy mix for start-up promotion and highlights the progress made by each country and future challenges. It identifies good practices in promoting start-ups and lessons learned in Latin America in the design and implementation of policies.

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Promoting start-ups in Colombia

OECD Development Centre

This chapter presents an overview of policies to support start-ups in Colombia, focusing on changes that have taken place between 2012 and 2016. Like in other Latin American countries, the promotion of start-ups is an emerging and evolving topic in Colombia. In 2012, Colombia launched the iNNpulsa programme to promote entrepreneurship. Colombia’s pro-startup policy seeks to attract investment from financial institutions in start-ups, as well as to promote a business culture in the country. One prominent feature in the country is the growth of start-ups in cities like Bogotá and Medellín, which are looking to become hubs for start-ups in the country and in Latin America.

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