Start-up Latin America 2016

Building an Innovative Future

image of Start-up Latin America 2016

Start-ups are gaining momentum in Latin America. Start-up Latin America 2016: Building an innovative future reviews the dynamics of start-ups and the policies for start-up promotion in four countries in the region –  Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The report reviews the policy mix for start-up promotion and highlights the progress made by each country and future challenges. It identifies good practices in promoting start-ups and lessons learned in Latin America in the design and implementation of policies.

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Promoting start-ups in Chile

OECD Development Centre

This chapter presents an overview of policies to promote start-ups in Chile. Support for start-ups has shifted from a pilot phase to a more structured one in co-ordination with the national transformation strategy. Chile is strengthening the financing chain for start-ups, especially in early stages and is introducing new support services to entrepreneurs, including mentoring networks and collaborative workspaces. The country has also introduced conditionalities and incentives to encourage entrepreneurship in the regions within the country, to attract citizens who have studied abroad to return to Chile to do business, and to support social inclusion through entrepreneurship. It has taken steps to improve the legal framework for starting businesses, including a law to enable people to start a business in one day.

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