Southeast Asian Economic Outlook 2011/12

image of Southeast Asian Economic Outlook 2011/12

This edition of the Southeast Asian Economic Outlook examines the macroeconomic situation, policies and medium-term growth prospects for countries in the region; structural challenges; green growth strategies, policies and institutions; and environmental taxes. It finds that growth for the region will moderate in the near term but solid growth performance will continue until 2016. To sustain this favourable outlook, countries need to meet considerable structural challenges. Green growth offers an alternative growth strategy in the long term.



Medium-term growth and recent macroeconomic situation

prospects and assessments

OECD Development Centre

The global financial crisis has underscored the need for Southeast Asian economies to rethink their past growth strategies. The export-oriented growth strategies, although successful in earlier decades, have shown their weaknesses. Looking beyond the near future, where are the region’s economies heading in the next five years? Southeast Asian countries need to search for a new development model and exploit new sources of growth.


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