Social Protection System Review

A Toolkit

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The positive impacts of social protection on reducing poverty and inequality and contributing to development are well evidenced. Establishing an integrated system facilitates the provision of a social protection floor, whereby individuals are appropriately protected throughout the life cycle. This is achieved not only by making sure there is a sufficient range of programmes to cover a population’s risk profile but also by sharing information on different individuals to ensure they are linked to an appropriate programme.

The Social Protection System Review is one of a small number of tools that serve to analyse how effective a country is in establishing a social protection system that responds to the needs of its people both today and in the future. The toolkit presents methodologies which can be implemented in any country, at any income level and by any institution. It is intended to generate policy recommendations that are actionable through national systems.

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Assessment of needs (Module 1)

OECD Development Centre

This chapter describes the module to assess the risks and vulnerabilities faced by individuals throughout their lives. It presents objective and subjective vulnerability indicators, and their potential data sources, which could be used to analyse present and future social protection needs. The methodology employs a life cycle approach, recognising the linkages between life stages and the need to address basic protection coverage gaps. The module includes multi-dimensional and dynamic poverty analysis, and a latent class analysis that maps out poverty and vulnerability profiles.

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