Reconciling Development and Environmental Goals

Measuring the Impact of Policies

image of Reconciling Development and Environmental Goals

Policy coherence is increasingly in the interest of OECD countries and developing countries alike, given their growing economic, social and environmental interdependence. This report presents scenarios showing numerical results of changes to individual policies as well as policy packages implemented simultaneously by OECD and developing countries. The results can be used to anticipate the outcomes of decisions and implement the appropriate set of policies. The scenarios also show how policy combinations could substantially improve both economic and environmental outcomes together, confirming the need for policy coherence. 


Physical Indicators of Potential Changes in Environmental Pressures and Environmental Impacts

This section examines projected changes in energy, industry and transport-related demand for final energy services by source and for primary sources of energy for producing electricity. The models used to develop these projections have been calibrated to the projections prepared by the IEA in its World Energy Outlook 2004. The projections used in the EO are slightly higher than those of IEA, however, because of differences in the assumptions about economic growth


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