Production Transformation Policy Review of the Dominican Republic

Preserving Growth, Achieving Resilience

image of Production Transformation Policy Review of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, though the fastest-growing economy in Latin America and the Caribbean since 2010, cannot afford complacency. The COVID-19 crisis may accelerate existing global trends that created the need for reforms addressing structural weaknesses that lurked beneath the surface well before the pandemic. The current situation demands an unpreceded policy effort to ensure a prompt and effective health response, and to guarantee short-term support for workers and firms. The enduring challenge will be updating the country’s development model through targeted reforms. The Production Transformation Policy Review (PTPR) of the Dominican Republic identifies priority reforms to update the national strategy, with perspectives on agro-food and nearshoring. It benefitted from peer review from the United States Reshoring Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil.



Transforming industries: Focus on agro-food in the Dominican Republic

Agro-food is an important activity in the Dominican Republic. The industry was already undergoing major changes and now faces unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Improving extension services, effective branding, and broad-based innovation will be key to sustaining competitiveness. This chapter analyses the characteristics and performance of agro-food in the country and identifies opportunities for the future.


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