Policy Coherence for Development 2007

Migration and Developing Countries

image of Policy Coherence for Development 2007

This edition of the Development Centre's annual report on policy coherence focuses on migration. The book examines the costs and benefits of migration for developing countries and how these flows can be better organised to yield greater benefits for all parties concerned -- migrant-sending countries, migrant-receiving countries, and the migrants themselves. It takes stock of what we know about the effects of migration on development, and distills from that knowledge a set of policy recommendations for sending and receiving countries alike. It draws on a large number of country and regional case studies co-ordinated by the OECD Development Centre to illustrate the mechanisms that link migration and development: labour-market effects, brain drain, remittances, diaspora networks and return migration.

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Human Mobility in the New Century

OECD Development Centre

The movement of migrants from developing and transition economies to OECD countries has created concerns about liberalising the provision of services and movements of people. Migration figures must be seen in context in order to inform policy making. Most migration in the OECD takes place between OECD countries themselves, even as mobility among developing countries is considerable. The extent of irregular migration is often exaggerated and today’s migration is overshadowed by 19th century migration to America from Europe. Mobility of the low skilled reduces poverty in the source country more readily than that of the highly skilled; the low skilled come from middle-income countries whereas mobility of the highly skilled affects low-income countries disproportionately. A new OECD database provides the basis for more systematic study of origins and skill levels of migrants in the OECD.

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