OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: Poland 2017

image of OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: Poland 2017

The OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) conducts periodic reviews of the individual development co-operation efforts of DAC members. The policies and programmes of each member are critically examined approximately once every five years.

This review assesses the performance of Poland, not just that of its development co-operation agency, and examines both policy and implementation. It takes an integrated, system-wide perspective on the development co-operation and humanitarian assistance activities of Poland.



Perspectives from Ukraine on Polish development co-operation

Poland’s development co-operation is centrally managed with limited physical presence and direct implementation in partner countries. To get a perspective on how Poland delivers its development co-operation in its priority countries, the peer review team – made up of examiners from Austria and Portugal and OECD secretariat – conducted a review of Polish co-operation in Ukraine. This involved conference calls and face-to-face meetings with Ukraine’s Minister for Development and other Ukrainian officials, Poland’s Ambassador and staff to Ukraine, and representatives of the Solidarity Fund responsible for implementing aid projects. To deepen the field perspective, phone interviews were also organised with two Development Assistance Committee (DAC) members who work closely with Poland in Ukraine, and development counsellors in Poland’s embassies to Georgia and Moldova.


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