OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: Australia 2018

image of OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: Australia 2018

Australia has a strong voice on the global stage. It actively and consistently advocates for the interests of small island developing states and the Pacific region and on issues such as disaster risk reduction and gender equality. In line with this focus, the government has introduced a clear overarching policy vision and associated strategies and guidance for development co-operation. A robust performance framework reflects Australia’s strategic orientations, with value for money at the forefront. Among other issues, this review also looks at how the Australian government has managed the integration of aid within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the resulting opportunities and challenges.



Context of the peer review of Australia

The current government of Australia is composed of the Liberal-National Coalition, a centre-right party alliance. The current prime minister is Malcom Turnbull of the Liberal Party, who took office in September 2015. Mr Turnbull replaced Tony Abbott, the former leader of the Liberal Party. The Liberal‑National Coalition has been in power since 2013, when it replaced the Australian Labor Party led by Kevin Rudd. The next federal election will be held between August 2018 and May 2019.


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