Multilateral Development Finance 2022

image of Multilateral Development Finance 2022

Nearly three years after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a succession of mutually reinforcing crises and a challenging global context are putting the multilateral development system under pressure. Multilateral development finance is stretched across an ever expanding list of priorities, ranging from humanitarian crisis response to the provision of global and regional public goods. The urgent nature of these crises requires renewed efforts to strengthen the financial capacity of the multilateral development system but should not divert attention from other parts of the reform agenda, such as the need to reduce the fragmentation of the multilateral architecture.

This third edition of the Multilateral Development Finance report presents recent trends in multilateral development finance in order to inform decisions by the members of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) on their strategic engagement with multilateral organisations. It presents an overview of challenges and ongoing reform efforts, and examines the evolution of financial flows to, and from, multilateral organisations. The report is supplemented by online statistics on DAC members’ multilateral contributions, available in the Development Co-operation Profiles.



The Multilateral Development Finance 2022 report provides an overview of the complex and evolving challenges faced by the multilateral development system. It formulates actionable policy recommendations for it to continue delivering on the 2030 Agenda in the face of successive and mutually reinforcing crises. Chapter 1 provides an overview of the main findings. Chapter 2 presents the scope of multilateral development finance and describes how the challenging global context is reshaping the system and increasing the need for reform. Chapter 3 examines funding to the multilateral development system, and reviews the implications of recent attempts to diversify and optimise funding sources. Chapter 4 sheds light on the activities financed by the multilateral development system, and outlines a path to maximise its contribution to an inclusive and sustainable recovery in developing countries.


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