Multilateral Aid 2010

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More than 200 multilateral donors receive or serve as a channel for 40% of all aid. To help meet the challenge of ensuring effective and co-ordinated multilateral aid efforts, Multilateral Aid 2010 covers trends in and total use (core and non-core) of the multilateral system, with a special focus on trust funds from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the World Bank. It explores development perspectives of the climate change funding architecture and provides an overview of the response of multilaterals to the financial and economic crisis.

While the OECD’s annual Development Co-operation Report serves as a key reference for statistics and analysis on the latest trends in international aid, the Multilateral Aid report – as the name implies – takes a specific look at trends in multilateral aid only.

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Annex B

Methodology Note: Data on non-core multilateral aid can be found in the Creditor Reporting System database. Non-core multilateral aid is reported as bilateral aid, with a multilateral agency identified in the channel code. A few donors do not provide detailed channel codes beyond the overall multilateral code of 40000. For this reason, an attempt was made to examine the channel names of bilateral ODA flows in order to gain a more accurate picture of 2008 non-core multilateral disbursements for this report. As a result, queries of the Creditor Reporter System may yield slight discrepancies with the tables presented in Annex B.

English Also available in: French

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