Multi-dimensional Review of Thailand

Volume 3: From Analysis to Action

image of Multi-dimensional Review of Thailand

Thailand is a fast emerging country that aspires to become a high-income economy by 2037. Strong growth has enabled the country to join the group of upper-middle-income economies in the early 2010s and to perform well in many areas. At the same time, the benefits of prosperity have not been shared evenly nationwide and the economic development has taken a toll on the environment. Moving forward, Thailand needs to master three transitions to build capabilities and sustain faster but also more inclusive economic growth: enabling further growth by unlocking the full potential of all Thailand’s regions; developing more effective methods of organisation and collaboration between actors and levels of government; managing water security and disaster risk. Based on the previous volume’s in-depth analysis and policy recommendations, this report suggests a set of actions to support these transitions. The actions focus on the North of Thailand, one of the most diverse and yet poorest regions of the country.


A scorecard to track sustainable development in the North

This chapter proposes a series of indicators to assess the achievement of regional goals, as discussed in the previous chapters. The scorecard tracks the past performance of these indicators and sets targets for 2037. Where data are not available, it suggests information that national and local governments could collect to make the scorecard effective. The scorecard also maps each regional objective in the Action Plan against the Sustainable Development Goals and targets, ensuring coherence between policies adopted by the North with international standards of development.


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