Multi-dimensional Review of Peru

Volume 1. Initial Assessment

image of Multi-dimensional Review of Peru

Peru has experienced significant improvements in growth, well-being and poverty reduction since the introduction of macroeconomic reforms, economic openness and more effective social programmes in the 1990s. However, the country still faces structural challenges to escape the middle-income trap and consolidate its emerging middle class. This report reviews the main bottlenecks to boost inclusive development and well-being in Peru. These include education and skills, the labour market, innovation, transport infrastructure and logistics, governance and trust in institutions. These dimensions have considerable implications for levels of productivity, inequalities and labour informality in Peru.


Executive summary

OECD Development Centre

This document is the first report prepared in the context of the Multi-dimensional Country Review (MDCR) of Peru. The MDCR is undertaken to support Peru in achieving a sustainable path of development that continues to improve the well-being of its citizens and provide solid economic growth. The MDCR of Peru is being implemented in three phases, each leading to the production of a report. This first report aims to identify the main constraints on achieving sustainable and equitable improvements in well-being and economic growth. The second report will present in-depth analyses of the key policy areas identified in this first report in order to formulate recommendations for Peru. The final report will provide prioritisation, sequencing and a framework for measuring progress.


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