Multi-dimensional Review of Panama

Volume 3: From Analysis to Action

image of Multi-dimensional Review of Panama

This MDCR is designed to help Panama formulate development strategies, and identify and support the policy reforms needed to achieve further sustainable and inclusive development. This review comes at a time when Panama is achieving high economic growth but further policy action is needed to expand socio-economic benefits across all economic sectors, regions and households.



Policy recommendations: Action plan and implementation strategies

This chapter presents the action plan towards three major goals in Panama: building better skills and creating formal jobs; strengthening regional development to boost inclusive growth; and improving the taxation system and promoting private-sector involvement to support financing for development. The action plan contains a number of reforms to undertake that were discussed with Panamanian authorities, civil society, private sector and academics during several workshops held in Panama City in July 2018. It also includes the expected results of such reforms, detailed actions for implementation, and their degree of priority.


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