Multi-dimensional Review of Myanmar

Volume 2. In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

image of Multi-dimensional Review of Myanmar

Building on an initial assessment of constraints to development in Myanmar (Volume 1), this second volume provides analysis and policy recommendations in three key areas: structural transformation, education and skills, and financing development. It finds that Myanmar faces a crucial few years to shape growth towards a higher, more sustainable and equitable trajectory. To succeed, it will require a transformation of the economy from an agrarian base reliant on small-scale agriculture at present towards a broad range of modern activities. Building up the right skills in the workforce will be essential to support this structural transformation. Myanmar’s transformation will also depend upon how effectively the country can mobilise and allocate the financial resources needed to support its development, which could amount to as much as an additional 5-10% of GDP on average over the next two decades.



Structural transformation towards a modern economy: Upgrading agriculture, manufacturing and services

OECD Development Centre

Myanmar possesses vast assets and opportunities that enable it to modernise the agricultural sector and to pursue a potentially structural economic transformation towards a modern economy. This chapter focuses on measures to modernise the agricultural sector and promote the transformation towards a manufacturing and services-based economy. Importantly, while services can become important drivers of growth in developing countries, this can only be achieved in tandem with growing the manufacturing sector. Moreover, modernising the agricultural sector by building linkages to complementary non-agricultural activities can initiate a structural transformation towards a more manufacturing and service-based economy.



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