Private Philanthropy for Development – Second Edition

Data for Action

image of Private Philanthropy for Development – Second Edition

This second edition of Private Philanthropy for Development aims to meet the growing demand for open, reliable and comparable data on philanthropic giving. Compared to the first edition, it collected more data from large foundations and other organisations based in developing countries to have a more comprehensive understanding of cross-border financing and domestic giving.

The report analyses philanthropic flows by geography, sector and thematic area, explores how these flows are implemented and compares their scope to official development assistance (ODA). It dives deeper into foundations’ strategies for mobilising additional resources through their assets and philanthropic capital; looks at their engagement in advocacy to amplify and sustain their impact; and studies their approaches to learning and knowledge production through monitoring and evaluation.

The report unpacks unprecedented data on philanthropy’s contribution to developing countries, which will be critical for development actors, including governments, ODA providers and foundations, to better co-ordinate their actions, exploit synergies and play to their best comparative advantage en route to a sustainable recovery.


Monitoring and evaluation challenges faced by foundations (graph)


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