OECD Development Centre Working Papers

The OECD Development Centre links OECD members with developing and emerging economies and fosters debate and discussion to seek creative policy solutions to emerging global issues and development challenges. This series of working papers is intended to disseminate the OECD Development Centre’s research findings rapidly among specialists in the field concerned. These papers are generally available in the original English or French, with a summary in the other language.

English, French

Long-Run Growth Trends and Convergence Across Indian States

This paper examines the growth performance of Indian States during 1970-94. We, first, propose a grouping of States according to differences in the availability of physical, social, and economic infrastructure, using principal components analysis. Then, combining principal components analysis and panel data estimation techniques, we assess the contribution of various infrastructure indicators to growth performance. The analysis tackles endogeneity issues in the provision of infrastructure by way of instrumental variables estimation for many of the infrastructure indicators. We do find evidence of conditional convergence across States. This does not rule out persistent income inequalities due to the dispersion of steady-state income levels. Such disparities are accounted for by differences, first, in the structure of production, second, in infrastructure endowments, and, third, in Statespecific fixed effects in the growth regression. Consequently, economic policy measures aiming at ...


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