OECD Journal on Development

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The journal of the OECD Development Assistance Committee that includes reports on the DAC’s reviews of member country’s development co-operation policies, as well as analytical reports on various development issues.  The first issue of the year always presents the DAC Chairman’s annual Development Co-operation Report.

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Joint Assessment of Ownership and Partnership in Tanzania

Comparative Review of the Aid Programmes of Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Japan

This Joint Assessment compares the strengths of four donors in Tanzania, namely Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Japan, as well as the challenges facing them, and makes observations on their aid programmes. The aim of the Joint Assessment of these four donors (2-13 March 2003) was to understand the way in which the implementation of donors’ partnership strategies contributes to country ownership. The paper looks at the challenges for donors posed by the Tanzanian aid co-ordination mechanisms, which strongly promote Tanzanian ownership of the development programme. It concludes with a series of lessons for DAC donors...

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