International Drivers of Corruption

A Tool for Analysis

image of International Drivers of Corruption

Corruption and other governance problems result primarily from processes generated within the domestic political economy. There are major international factors, however, that interact with domestic processes: international drivers of corruption. This report introduces an analytical tool to help readers understand how these international drivers of corruption affect governance and corruption at the country level. It provides a means for identifying those drivers that matter most for domestic governance, as well as opportunities for international actors to work more effectively to improve governance in specific country contexts.


Uganda case study

This case study considers the domestic political economy of Uganda, and the influence of international drivers on these dynamics. For almost 25 years, Uganda has been characterised by relative economic stability and development, but also by questionable levels of democratic governance. Corruption is perceived to be an increasing challenge in Uganda, with a worsening regional position in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index and a number of recent high-profile procurement scandals.


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