International Co-operation for Habitat and Urban Development

Directory of Non-governmental Organisations in OECD Countries

OECD Development Centre

This specialised Directory provides information on over 1 700 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) active in the field of habitat and urban development. NGO profiles include their aims, education work and activities in developing contries. Cross-referenced indexes facilitate access to information on "who is doing what and where" in this field.

The Directory is a unique and comprehensive guide for development practitioners and planners, as well as for those interested in habitat issues. This Directory is the latest in a series of OECD Development Centre directories on the development activities of NGOs based in OECD Member countries. It is published in the wake of the June 1996 United Nations Conference on Human Settlements- Habitat II.

This publication is the fruit of collaboration between four partners: in Nairobi, the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements-Habitat (UNCHS-Habitat), in Geneva, the United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS), and in Paris, the Research and Technology Exchange Group (GRET) and the OECD Development Centre. The Habitat International Coalition (HIC), based in Mexico, was also associated with the project.

19 Dec 1997 502 pages English, French 9789264062146 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD