Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation: Policy Guidance

image of Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation: Policy Guidance
The negative impacts of climate change will hit poor people and poor countries disproportionately, and further compromise the achievement of their development objectives. Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation provides essential information and advice on how to facilitate the integration of adaptation into development processes. The objectives of this policy guidance are to: i) promote understanding of the implications of climate change on development practice and the associated need to mainstream climate adaptation in development co-operation agencies and partner  countries; ii) identify appropriate approaches for integrating climate change adaptation into development policies at national, sectoral and project levels and in urban and rural contexts; and iii) identify practical ways for donors to support developing country partners in their efforts to reduce their vulnerability to climate variability and climate change. While efforts to integrate climate change adaptation will be led by developing country partners, international donors have a critical role to play in supporting such efforts.

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Integrating Climate Change Adaptation at the National Level

This chapter addresses why the national level matters for adaptation. It illustrates how to get started on addressing adaptation at the national level by: identifying and engaging key national actors; improving access to national-level climate information; organising government structures to better address adaptation; building upon and reinforcing existing national mechanisms for disaster risk reduction; modifying regulations and standards to reflect current and anticipated climate risks; and enhancing linkages between multilateral/regional commitments and adaptation. It addresses integrating adaptation within the national policy cycle – at the policy formulation stage; at the planning stage (multi-year development plans); at resource allocation stage (mediumterm expenditure frameworks and national budgets); and at the programming/implementation stage – (sector-level development plans). It looks at donor support for integration of adaptation at the national level through budgetary support mechanisms and donor country assistance strategies. Finally, it summarises the challenges and priorities for action at the national level.

English Also available in: Spanish, French

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