Innovation Policy in Panama

Design, Implementation and Evaluation

image of Innovation Policy in Panama

This report reviews the experience of Panama in designing, implementing and evaluating innovation policy. It provides a comparative analysis of Panama’s innovation performance and reviews the design and implementation of the national innovation policy focusing on the National Plan (2010-2014). The review of the institutional setting, the policy mix and budget for innovation policy includes a comparison with the experience of two peer countries, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.




OECD Development Centre

In the context of what at the Development Centre we have termed “shifting wealth” developing economies are increasingly engaged in the redefinition of their development strategies. The recognition that development is more than growth, and that it requires a change in socio-economic structures in order to redistribute rents and increase equality of opportunities for all citizens, is accompanied by a renewed attention towards production development and innovation in many developing economies. In this respect, increasing attention is paid to the role of innovation as a potential source of more inclusive and sustainable development.


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