Innovation Policy in Panama

Design, Implementation and Evaluation

image of Innovation Policy in Panama

This report reviews the experience of Panama in designing, implementing and evaluating innovation policy. It provides a comparative analysis of Panama’s innovation performance and reviews the design and implementation of the national innovation policy focusing on the National Plan (2010-2014). The review of the institutional setting, the policy mix and budget for innovation policy includes a comparison with the experience of two peer countries, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.



Designing and implementing innovation policy in Panama

OECD Development Centre

Panama’s experience in designing and implementing innovation policy is recent. The country has made progress in learning how to elaborate pluri-annual plans and monitor the implementation of innovation policy. Nevertheless, major challenges remain: especially in guaranteeing pluri-annual budgeting for innovation; in improving the co-ordination of the promotion of science, technology and innovation with the national development strategy; and in scaling up initiatives in key priority areas. This chapter focuses on: i) the institutional setting and governance for innovation policy; ii) the national innovation strategy and policy mix as outlined in Panama’s National Strategic Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (PENCYT) 2010-2014; and iii) the main implementation challenges.


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