Innovation Policy in Panama

Design, Implementation and Evaluation

image of Innovation Policy in Panama

This report reviews the experience of Panama in designing, implementing and evaluating innovation policy. It provides a comparative analysis of Panama’s innovation performance and reviews the design and implementation of the national innovation policy focusing on the National Plan (2010-2014). The review of the institutional setting, the policy mix and budget for innovation policy includes a comparison with the experience of two peer countries, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.



Assessment and recommendations

OECD Development Centre

Panama’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew on average by 6.57% a year between 1990 and 2012, twice the average growth of Latin America during the same period. The country has recovered relatively well from the financial and economic crisis of 2008, helped by the expansion of the Panama Canal and other investments in infrastructure development. In parallel, since 1990 real per capita incomes in Panama have more than doubled. Despite the progress, however, poverty and inequality persist in the country, mostly in rural areas, and unemployment is still high, especially among the young (15.6% in 2011).


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