Innovation for Development Impact

Lessons from the OECD Development Assistance Committee

image of Innovation for Development Impact

The development co-operation community needs to innovate to meet the global challenges ahead. Although it has an established track record for innovating partnerships, funding instruments and technologies, they are not enough to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals. This report synthesises the lessons emerging from an OECD Development Assistance Committee peer learning exercise on how innovation efforts can be strengthened, individually and collectively, to achieve the 2030 Agenda. The report is organised around three blocks – strategy, management and culture; organisation and collaboration; and, the innovation process – and provides recommendations on how innovation can best benefit poor and vulnerable people around the world.

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In 2018 the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) designed and launched its peer learning exercise on innovation for development. Peer learning exercises complement traditional DAC peer reviews, with a focus on learning, knowledge exchange and capacity strengthening. They enable members to come together on issues of shared interest.

English Also available in: French

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