Informality and Globalisation

In Search of a New Social Contract

image of Informality and Globalisation

Globalisation and rapid technological change have radically transformed labour markets, affecting the lives and prospects of billions of workers. Those in the informal economy, the vast bulk of the workforce in the Global South, have been bearing the brunt. This report is for policy makers seeking to address the factors that make those workers in informality vulnerable. It provides them with a distinctive cross-country comparison of recent informality trends, and how they were affected by the recent crises such as the COVID-19 epidemic, casting light on the impacts of sub-contracting models in global value chains, and digital labour platforms. It argues that an inclusive recovery and greater resilience to future crises necessitate that many countries renew their social contracts, to make them more inclusive of informal workers and their families.



This overview summarises the key findings and policy recommendations of the report. It shows how the recent crises underscored the necessity to enhance the social contract in many countries, to make it inclusive of informal workers and their families, with the goal of building better and stronger societies.



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