OECD Regional Development Working Papers

Working papers from the Regional Development Policy Division of the OECD cover a full range of topics including regional statistics and analysis, urban governance and economics, rural governance and economics, and multi-level governance. Depending on the programme of work, the papers can cover specific topics such as regional innovation and networks, the determinants of regional growth or fiscal consolidation at the sub-national level.


Indicators for Resilient Cities

This paper discusses approaches to strengthen and monitor urban resilience through the use of indicators. Resilience is the capacity of a city or community to prepare for, respond to and adapt from dangerous and disruptive events, such as natural disasters, economic crises, demographic changes, health epidemics and others. Given that resilience is a multi-dimensional phenomenon, local authorities should design and implement strategies for urban resilience that integrate economic, social, environmental and institutional aspects. In order to monitor progress in becoming more resilient, local authorities should use indicators that measure resilience along these dimensions. The paper analyses different types of indicators and discusses the contexts in which they should be used. It provides recommendations on how local authorities can choose indicators tailored to their policy priorities and develops guidelines for the effective use of indicators in a broader governance framework.


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