OECD Development Policy Papers

The OECD Strategy on Development aims to strengthen the Organisation’s contributions to inclusive and sustainable growth in a wide array of countries. It draws on OECD’s evidence-based approaches, policy dialogue and knowledge sharing to improve policy making and economic reform. This strategy identifies four interlinked thematic areas: innovative and sustainable sources of growth; mobilisation of resources for development; governance for sustainable development; and measuring progress for development. Designed for a wide readership, the OECD Development Policy Papers are intended to stimulate discussion and analysis on these topics.

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Human Resource Management in States affected by Fragility and Conflict

This study on Human Resource Management (HRM) in States Affected by Fragility and/or Conflict has been produced by the INCAF Secretariat in response to a request made by the INCAF Task Team on Implementation and Reform during its meetings of 25-26 March 2014. The purpose of this publication is to: - provide a shared understanding of HRM issues to policy makers and practitioners involved in states affected by fragility and/or conflict (SFC)2 - outline a set of common challenges faced by INCAF members in relation to HRM in SFC - serve as a peer-learning tool by sharing ideas and experiences on innovative practices and reforms among members of the OECD/DAC’s International Network on Conflict and Fragility (INCAF), or from other organisations working in SFC


Keywords: human resource management
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