Global Security Risks and West Africa

Development Challenges

image of Global Security Risks and West Africa

This publication explores current global security issues, their development in West Africa and their potential impact on regional stability. It takes a close look at issues such as terrorism and trafficking, climate change, and the links between “security and development”. Some of these issues are still the object of heated debate. This book draws attention to the risk of oversimplified analyses and biased perceptions of security risks. It also highlights the need for coordinated policies and dialogue between West Africa, North Africa and OECD countries.



The security challenges of West Africa

Sahel and West Africa Club

West Africa has been faced with a multitude of wide-ranging security challenges. This article provides a comprehensive assessment in understanding some of the region’s security challenges. It highlights their negative impact to the stability, development and economies of the region. Three concurrent factors are identified: 1 –persistent internal conflict emphasised by the structural weakness of governments; 2 – jihadist terrorism as a manifestation of the rise of radical Islam and the presence of AQIM in the Sahel; and 3 – the growth of organised crime including drug and human trafficking and piracy. The role of key regional and external actors in fueling insecurity in the region is also analysed. It concludes that security challenges can no longer be solved in a national or regional framework. The transnational connection between the Sahel and West Africa with North Africa is an important element that supports the expansion of such a framework. Regional, transnational and international co-operation are effective and long-term solutions that will improve the security landscape of the region as a whole.


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