Gaining from Migration

Towards a New Mobility System

image of Gaining from Migration

This report presents a summary of recommendations on how we can all gain from migration. They are the result of a multi-faceted project undertaken in partnership with the European Commission to rethink the management of the emerging mobility system. New ideas, based on an exhaustive review of past policy experiences in Europe and elsewhere, are offered for policies related to labour markets, integration, development co-operation and the engagement of diasporas.

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Migration and Development

Partnerships for Mobility Management

OECD Development Centre

Migration has profound economic consequences — many of them salutary, others more worrisome — for migrants’ home countries (see Katseli et al., 2006b). Potentially, migration can have positive effects on the development of sending countries. For example, migration can reduce unemployment, expand development through remittances, improve knowledge and skills, and introduce new technology. It can also, however, aggravate inequality, disrupt family life and social relations, and cripple essential social-service provision. Hence, it is vital to link migration and development policies for more effective management of migration.

English Also available in: French

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