External Debt Statistics 1998-2002

(2003 Edition)

image of External Debt Statistics 1998-2002

This annual report presents comprehensive statistics on the gross external debt of 171 developing countries and  countries in transition.  The 2003 edition has been enhanced with additional series providing more detailed breakdowns of categories of debt and time series data going back to end 1998. These figures are compiled by the  OECD, largely on the basis of creditor sources.  All figures are shown in US dollars.

The External Debt Statistics database is included in OECD's  International Development Statistics CD-ROM, and is available on line via www.OECD-iLibrary.org


English, French

External Debt Statistics 1998-2002 (Summary in Russian) / External Debt Statistics 1998-2002

Russian Also available in: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese

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