Education, Migration and Productivity

An Analytic Approach and Evidence from Rural Mexico

OECD Development Centre

This book challenges the assumption that the major benefits of investment in rural education accrue to traditional agricultural activities, such as staples production. Indeed, rural economies are much more complex than such an assumption would allow and the benefits from education are, therefore, rather dispersed, and vary significantly according to the level of educational attainment achieved. The authors have carried out a survey of rural households in Mexico, taking into account educational levels, not only of the head of household, but also of the other members of the family. Their overriding purpose is to present an approach for analysing education-migration-productivity interactions, to test this approach using real-world data, and to draw relevant conclusions for educational and development policy. The result is an analytical tool of great practical interest for policy makers, as well as for specialists who might wish to extend the technique to other societies and situations.

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