Development Co-operation Report 2021

Shaping a Just Digital Transformation

image of Development Co-operation Report 2021

Digital transformation is revolutionising economies and societies with rapid technological advances in AI, robotics and the Internet of Things. Low- and middle-income countries are struggling to gain a foothold in the global digital economy in the face of limited digital capacity, skills, and fragmented global and regional rules. Political stability, democracy, human rights and equality also risk being undermined by weak governance and the abuse of digital technology.

The 2021 edition of the Development Co-operation Report makes the case for choosing to hardwire inclusion into digital technology processes, and emerging norms and standards. Providing the latest evidence and policy analysis from experts in national governments, international organisations, academia, business and civil society, the report equips international development organisations with the latest guidance and good practices that put people and the sustainable development goals at the centre of digital transformation.

English Also available in: French


Digital transformation presents policy makers everywhere with challenges that transcend borders. While the transformation was underway before COVID-19, the pandemic significantly accelerated it around the world. Seizing the opportunities of the accelerating digital transformation, while better managing the associated and growing risks, challenges and disruptions requires a strong evidence base, leadership by public administrations, and extensive international co-operation and global engagement. Countries are increasingly looking to international institutions as sources of advice and forums to debate and design policy frameworks for the digital age. These must draw on the best practices of countries furthest ahead in their digital transformation journeys, while considering the divergent realities in countries less prepared to benefit from digital technology.

English Also available in: French

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