Development Co-operation Report 2014

Mobilising Resources for Sustainable Development

image of Development Co-operation Report 2014

The Development Co-operation Report (DCR) is a yearly report by the Chair of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) that addresses important challenges for the international development community and provides practical guidance and recommendations on how to tackle them. Moreover, it reports the profiles and performance of DAC development co-operation providers and presents DAC statistics on official development assistance (ODA) and private resource flows.

The Development Co-operation Report 2014: Mobilising resources for sustainable development is the second in a trilogy (2013-15) focusing on “Global Development Co-operation Post-2015: Managing Interdependence”. The report provides an overview of the sources of finance available to developing countries and proposes recommendations on how to mobilise further resources. It also explores how to mobilise resources to finance the provision of global public goods: for example, to combat climate change, promote peace and security, and create a fair and equal trading system.

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Enhancing the contribution of social business to sustainable development

Social business is receiving increasing international attention, but what exactly is it? What can it contribute to poverty reduction, and how does it foster human development? This chapter illustrates how social businesses can create new sources of income, raise productivity, reduce aid dependency and provide low-income consumers with access to products and services for their basic needs. Yet they are not a panacea: establishing a commercially viable business that contributes to human development is a complex task involving a number of risks, which are exacerbated by a lack of start-up finance and favourable policies. Some of the limitations and risks could be mitigated through cross-sector partnerships, the creation of an enabling environment by development partners, a deliberate regulatory framework and rigorous monitoring and evaluation.This chapter also includes an opinion piece by Muhammad Yunus, Founder and Managing Director of the Grameen Bank, on why development without sustainability is meaningless.

English Also available in: French

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