Development Co-operation Report 2012

Lessons in Linking Sustainability and Development

image of Development Co-operation Report 2012

The Development Co-operation Report is the key annual reference document for statistics and analysis on trends in international aid. This year, the Development Co-operation Report 2012 seeks to provide insights into how to address today’s sustainable development challenges, with a focus on inclusiveness and good governance to ensure that our finite resources are equitably distributed, now and in the future.

Sharing finite resources among a growing number people – and consumers – is a critical challenge. It is in this spirit that J. Brian Atwood, Chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), invited several intellectual leaders on the challenges of inclusive, sustainable development to contribute to this year’s report.

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Development Co-operation Report 2012 (Summary in Turkish) / Development Co-operation Report 2012 (Summary in Turkish)

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Keywords: environment development, development finance, Rio+20, climate, bilateral donors, green growth, development assistance committee, official development assistance, sustainable energy, sustainable development, population dynamics, DAC, environmental development, greening, air pollution, water, ODA, air pollutants, Earth Summit, development co-operation
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