Development Co-operation Report 2011

50th Anniversary Edition

image of Development Co-operation Report 2011

The Development Co-operation Report is the key annual reference document for statistics and analysis on trends in international aid. In addition to the usual statistics and analysis, this special OECD 50th Anniversary edition includes articles by prominent persons in the field.

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The Amazon is not Avatar

Hernando de Soto argues that a series of myths and misconceptions continue to marginalise indigenous people and exclude them from integrating into the world economy. Yet in the Amazon, much like in the rest of the developing world and unlike in the fictional blockbuster Avatar, the story is much more complex. Millions of people living off natural resources face obstacles such as lack of property rights and legal recognition when seeking to participate in and benefit from the global economy. And while the concept of empowerment – giving excluded people the right to control their resources through the same property and business tools that wealthy people have – has guided discussions among international donors, they have found it difficult to put into practice. De Soto challenges a series of myths that form the basis for disempowering attitudes towards indigenous populations, concluding with recommendations for governments and donors to enhance the ability of poor people to protect themselves from the drawbacks of globalisation, and benefit from its advantages.

English German, French

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