Development Co-operation Report 2007

image of Development Co-operation Report 2007

The OECD Development Assistance Committee's annual report on international aid.  This year's edition includes an overview by the DAC Chairman reviewing recent trends in aid volume, allocation, and effectiveness.  Special chapters on Effective Aid Management and Aid Effectiveness examine DAC experience in these areas. Individual chapters for each donor country summarise key features of each country's programme including data on total flows, breakdowns by income group, geographical region and sector, and listing of the top ten recipients. Country chapters also include commentary on the donor's commitment to the MDGs, aid effectiveness, and policy coherence. The comprehensive statistical annex provides graphs and tables showing the evolution of aid flows.

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Effective Aid Management

Twelve Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews

Peer reviews have brought many issues to the attention of the Development Assistance Committee over the last five years. This chapter retains twelve of the more prominent examples of the lessons learned or reconfirmed over the period concerning effective aid management to achieve development results. Lessons at the level of strategy are: i) find the appropriate legal and political foundation; ii) manage competing national interests; iii) achieve greater policy coherence for development and iv) invest in delivering, measuring and transmitting results of aid-financed activity. Organisational management lessons are: v) identify a leadership structure that works; vi) deal with institutional dispersion, vii) manage contributions to multilateral institutions and viii) decentralize management to the field. Lessons concerning management of delivery are: ix) manage the scaling-up of development aid; x) maintain a focused approach towards countries and sectors; xi) emphasise performance-based management, evaluation and quality control; and xii) make human resource management a priority.

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